"The Wicker Man" director Robin Hardy

“The Wicker Man” director Robin Hardy

Recently, a final cut of Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man (1973) was discovered and is now being prepped for not only a theatrical run, but also a restored Blu-ray release. The film is considered one of the “greats” of British horror, being so bold as to be called, “the Citizen Kane of the genre” by Cinefantastique Magazine. Whilst prepping for the theatrical re-release, director Robin Hardy shared his idea for the final chapter of the trilogy with Screen Daily. You may be thinking to yourself, “Final chapter? Doesn’t there have to be a sequel for there to be a trilogy?” By all accounts, yes and in fact, there was a sequel to The Wicker Man, albeit a lesser known one.

Hardy directed The Wicker Tree, which starred The Hobbit actor Graham McTavish and featured a small appearance from Christopher Lee, which premiered in 2011 to less than rave critical and audience reviews. Despite the film being poorly received, he plans to finish the trilogy with Wrath Of The Gods. According to Screen Daily, Hardy is quoted as saying, “I am just at the opening stages of financing it and hope to make it next year. The first two films are all [about] offers to the Gods. The third film is about the Gods. I use the vehicle of the final act of Götterdämmerung (the last of Wagner’s Ring cycle).”

With the re-release of The Wicker Man in theaters and on Blu-ray, hopefully that garners enough interest for fans, potential and otherwise, as well as financial backers to help Hardy complete his story. For more on Robin Hardy’s Wrath Of The Gods and The Wicker Man, stay tuned to Diaboliquemagazine.com!

By Robert Vaughn

Robert Vaughn is a graduate of Montclair State University, NJ, with a B.F.A. in Filmmaking. Throughout his time in the program, he worked on various aspects of pre, pro and post-production. Writing has always been a favorite of his and he feels this “favoritism” shows in his work. Various professors, students, directors and actors have praised his writing ability. On top of writing for Diabolique, he has written for TV, written/co-written feature films for So Real? Entertainment and is currently working on a feature length dark comedy script of his own. Follow him on twitter: @rvaughn881