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Werewolf Film By Solid Snake Actor David Hayter To Get US Release By Ketchup

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David Hayter’s directorial debut, Wolves has been acquired by Ketchup Entertainment for a U.S. release in the Summer of 2014. David Hayter serves as both writer on the film, after working on such screenplays as X-Men and Watchmen, and director of the werewolf action-thriller, which stars Lucas Till (X-Men: First Class), Stephen McHattie (Immortals, Watchmen) and Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian). Here’s a little bit about the film.

“WOLVES follows the story of Cayden Richards (Till) – a handsome eighteen year-old with a dark secret. Forced to hit the road after the brutal murder of his parents, Cayden finds himself turning into a savage wolf and is thrust between two warring clans of werewolves fighting for control of the ominous town of Lupine Ridge.”

Wolves is produced by Copperheart Entertainment’s Steve Hoban (Splice, Ginger Snaps), with makeup effects by Oscar-winning creature designers Dave Elsey and Lou Elsey (The Wolfman, X-Men: First Class). Regarding the acquisition of his feature, David Hayter said:

“I am so pleased to partner with Ketchup Entertainment for the U.S. theatrical release of Wolves. My producers and I have worked for years to make Wolves something special and unique, and I am confident that we have found committed partners who share that vision.”

David Hayter is probably best known for providing the voice of Solid Snake in the popular Metal Gear Solid video game franchise.

Wolves is scheduled to be released across the U.S. in the Summer of 2014.

David Hayter as Solid Snake

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