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“Vortex” By Steven Mace

"Vortex" by Steven Mace, art by Alena Mananskaya

“Vortex” by Steven Mace, art by Alena Mananskaya

In this month’s edition of DIABOLIQUE’S EXHUMATION COLLECTION, we’re proud to be featuring a story by author Steven Mace entitled “Vortex”. “Vortex” is a short story set in a fantasy universe of Mace’s creation, and although it is only a glimpse into the world he’s been building through his fiction, it is a proper welcome to the world of Peregrine Lascombe and the cast of metaphysical characters that populate his universe. The story is accompanied by colorful illustrations by Russian artist Alena Mananskaya.

More information about Steven Mace’s work can be found at his website,

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Madeleine Koestner is the former managing editor of Diabolique. She is a writer, filmmaker, and she plays the ukulele, performing songs as Erik Leafinson, a Viking past life of hers who was a major disappointment to his father, Leif Ericson. Madeleine has been involved with horror all over the country but is currently based in New York City, where she continues to not make any sense at all ever all the time.

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