"Undead Evil"

“Undead Evil”

On July 17th, the first entirely digital comic book was released on all formats by Asylum Press. The comic, Undead Evil focuses on studious recluse Alfred Carter as he discovers the dark roots of his own family tree. After a run-in with the ghost of a plantation-owning ancestor, Alfred must travel from Providence, RI, to a post-hurricane New Orleans in order to cleanse the curse that is hounding his family bloodline.  The story and letters are done by Frank Forte, with illustration by Nenad Gucunja.

With an influx of zombie stories in present day pop culture, it’s quite refreshing to see a more traditional take on the zombie origin story. No disease animates the dead that crawl through Undead Evil, instead utilizing the traditional “voodoo” zombie curse not often used in mainstream zombie stories.

The story itself is a straightforward family revenge tale with a Lovecraftian vibe, with a cameo by the Necronomicon itself. While in some situations this could come off as campy, in this case, it’s delightfully pulpy. The debut issue focuses largely on the exposition, so be prepared for a lot of word boxes explaining a lot of things, but the background story opens up for a lot of action down the line. Readers are given a taste of future action in the first few pages, where we get to watch the demise of two rednecks in a way that is both entertaining and chilling.

The art has much texture, with thick, syrupy lines that speak of decay. Character design is thick and fleshy; more caricature than portrait. The cast of characters are all distinct, with well-formed faces, although few could be described as attractive.  The twisted and deformed branch of the Carter family could easily be the stuff of nightmares. Undead Evil lays the groundwork for what seems to be an enjoyable adventure.

– By Catherine Kovach