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Trailer, poster debut for “Wolf Creek 2”

"Wolf Creek 2"

“Wolf Creek 2”

After all the hullabaloo over the the tagline of the poster for Wolf Creek 2 being a slightly uninspired copycat of this year’s Evil Dead reboot–“The Sequel to the Most Terrifying Australian Movie Ever Made” instead of “The Most Terrifying Film You Will Ever Experience”– here arrives the official one-sheet and trailer.

Slashing theaters sometime in 2014, the sequel to the Outback’s tense and unflinchingly savage 2005 shocker could prove to live up to the first poster’s tagline. Having taught us what a “head on a stick” looks like, both Aussie director Greg McLean and actor John Jarratt are back. This time, Jarrat’s ruthlessly crazy Mick Taylor will be teaching another trio of backpackers, and possibly anyone who gets in his way, not to visit the Wolf Creek Crater. Whether or not it can bring anything new to the party remains to be seen, but even if it feels as horrifyingly real as before, it should be as effective as a knife to the spinal cord. For more on Wolf Creek 2, Greg McLean and John Jarratt, visit!
"Wolf Creek 2"

“Wolf Creek 2”

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