hush-sxswWriter/director Mike Flanagan has a new flick heading our way titled HUSH – it’s debuting on Netflix on April 8th and it had its big debut at SXSW this weekend – and a trailer just made its way to us, figured you would probably like to see it – first off though, here’s what it’s all about.

“In this heart-pounding thriller from acclaimed writer and director Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Before I Wake), silence takes on a terrifying new dimension for a young woman living along in the woods. Author Maddie Young (Kate Siegel) lives a life of utter isolation after losing her hearing as a teenager. She’s retreated form society, living in seclusion and existing in a completely silent world. But one night, the fragile world is shattered when the masked face of a psychotic killer appears in her window. Without another living soul for miles, and with no way to call for help, it appears that Maddie is at the killer’s mercy… but he may have underestimated his prey. As this horrifying game of cat and mouse escalates to a breathless fever-pitch, Maddie must push herself beyond her mental and physical limits in order to survive the night.”

The film stars Kate Siegel, John Gallagher Jr, Michael Trucco, Samantha Sloyan and was written by Flanagan and Kate Siegel.

This one is coming to us from Blumhouse with Trevor Macy and Jason Blum producing.

Ready for your first look?