Fans of independent horror comis should rejoice, as Titan Comics has announced that they will be releasing the “Razorjack” comic series “as we’ve never seen it before.” The highly-acclaimed series comes from writer/artist John Higgins, who made a name for himself as a colorist on such classic works as Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” and “Batman: The Killing Joke.”

“Razorjack,” first published back in 1999, is the story of two police detectives, Ross and Frame, following the trail of a vicious serial killer. Their investigation leads them to discover the existence of Razorjack, an evil entity from another dimension, released into our world accidentally by a group of college students.

Highly respected among his peers in the comic industry, Higgins garnishes praise from the likes of David Lloyd, Garth Ennis, Mike Carey, Warren Ellis, and Mark Miller for “Razorjack.” Now, Titan is re-releasing Higgins’ entire “Razorjack” series for the digital age, with fully remastered and restored artwork, newly written dialogue and two new exclusive short stories from Higgins’ set in the world of “Razorjack”.


At a time when everything in the world of comics, like many other forms of media, is being retconned or rebooted for a newer or younger audience, it is nice to see a series getting the “high-def” treatment by it’s original creator rather that being rewritten and redrawn by someone else. The captivating and vibrant artwork  combined with a story that flawlessly combines elements of Clive Barker, H.P. Lovecraft, and gritty police dramas really make for something that can be celebrated by fans of horror and comics alike.

The Remastered collection of “Razorjack” will hit store shelves on September 18, 2013 from Titan Comics. To keep up-to-date with more news from Titan check out their official website and take a look at the trailer for the remastered “Razorjack” below.

– By Matt Delhauer