We’ve talked previously about this upcoming Friday the 13th game.  Just to recap it all, Kane Hodder did the motion captures for Jason – Tom Savini constructed the kills and we’re looking for a cross-platform release in October. These things we already knew – what we didn’t know was how was this thing going to look?

Got your answer right here.  Lay your eyes on this!!

That’s the music of Crazy Lixx you hear behind the bloodshed.  The song is titled XIII and it fits in perfect with the machete swinging, pic axe grinding fun.  I also enjoy how we get looks at all the different versions of Jason from Tater Sack Jason all the way to decayed zombie Jason.  I think it looks cool as hell.

They are accepting pre-orders as you read this – I’d go lock one in.  This is just too cool to pass up.  Click here and head over to the site and stake claim to yours.