Seems we’ll be getting our fill of haunted house flicks this summer and the latest one to throw its hat into the ring is the Henry Bedwell directed Darker Than Night.

It’s a Spanish film that tells the tale of a woman, a cat, and some spooky happenings.  Here’s the official synopsis:

Greta inherits a huge mansion after her Aunt Ofelia’s death with the only condition of taking good care of her life companion, Becker, a cat. Greta moves in with three girl friends. One of the nights Becker suddenly dies. In consequence, their carelessness will unleash unexplainable events that will make them feel horror in their own skin.

A new trailer just debuted – turn up the volume, put on your headphones and have some fun!

It will be coming at us in glorious 3D and stars Zuria Vega, Adriana Louvier, Eréndira Ibarra, Ona Casamiquela, and Margarita Saenz.  No solid info on a US release yet but hopefully we’ll have that for you soon.