In association with Crowley & Co., Molly Beth Morossa presents Greywing House, a chilling one-woman tale of love lost expressed through storytelling, spoken word and dance.

Concealed deep within the railway arches beneath London’s Waterloo Station you could not ask for a better venue for a spot of spine tingling terror than the Vaults. Entering the subterranean complex, a dark, dank windowless corridor led us to the theatre space, where beneath the high vaulted ceiling we settled onto the wooden benches to wait for the houselights to go up. The stage area is bare except for a cluttered desk, a window and an armchair.

As the lights go up our hostess at Greywing House, Miss Amelia Scrimshaw, (Molly Beth Morossa) joins us. Greywing House, as we discover, is a rambling guesthouse overlooking the English coast and Miss Scrimshaw would appear to be a perfectly normal and well turned out 1930s seaside landlady as she welcomes us to her home. She looks as if she would be perfectly at home in an episode of Poirot, but as we know appearances can be deceptive. As Amelia opens up to us about the house rules, the local attractions and our mysterious fellow guest Mr Thurston we are drawn into a world of Satanic ritual, insanity and bizarre marine creatures.

From the slightly unhinged gothic of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, Morossa’s solo show grabs hold of your imagination and drags you deep into the dark full on craziness of H.P. Lovecraft, through storytelling, puppetry, verse and dance (music by Daniel Cross), while all the time Morossa maintains the kind of stiff upper lipped middle class British chirpiness that would not be out of place in the films of Celia Johnson and Noel Coward. Greywing House is three parts chilling to two parts hilariously funny, with a good dose of tragic pathos thrown in for good measure. It was described as ‘A master class in creepiness’ by a fellow member of the audience when I first saw the show at 2014’s London Horror Festival and it is so much better with age. Go see it wherever you can.

As part of the VAULT Festival, the production runs from 1 to 5 February in London (The Vaults, Leake Street, SE1 7NN). Tickets can be purchased here.

The VAULT Festival 2017 takes place from 25 January to 5 March. For more information about the festival please click here.