Someday someone will make the definitive documentary about the making of The Terminator (1984). Until then we’ll have the periodic cast and crew interviews. Until then we’ll have their stories.

On this special episode of the Diabolique Webcast, Jean-Paul Ouellette, the second unit action director on The Terminator, adds some never-before-shared behind-the-scenes stories from the making of the film. The episode consists of two parts. In the first part, I discusses the film with David Kleiler and J-P Ouellette. In the second part, J-P and I hold an in-depth discussion on the making of the film.

Program note: During the discussion of the making of The Terminator, J-P Ouellette references the following, never-before-published, pre-production concept art for filming the T-800’s exacto-knife eye-operation scene. It is published below courtesy of J-P Ouellette, along with a few personal, behind-the-scenes photos.

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Pre-Production Concept Art and Photos