One of my all time favorite Stephen King tales – The Mist – is going to be making a trip to TV, how will it follow the novel or film is yet to be explained.  If you’re a fan of the novel then you know that it had a very open ended finale with our heroes leaving the market to drive off to an uncertain future.  Frank Darabont’s 2007 film adaptation took things further with a dark, disturbing ending that while still open ended – gave us a bit of a glimpse of things carrying on after The Mist.

Where the TV show will pick up is yet to be determined but what we do know is that a pilot order has been given and Dimension Television is behind the fun.

No stars or anything else has yet to be confirmed – all we really know is that Christian Torpe will be handling the executive producer roll.

This one is just gearing up and I’ll have updates for you as needed.