Tuner Classic Movies and Fathom are teaming up to bring classic horror fans one hell of a treat this Halloween season.  While both of these classic films have been mainstays of the haunt season there are very few of us that have actually ever seen this two films on the big screen but that all changes this year.  Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and Tod Browning’s Dracula as well as its Mexican doppelganger “Dracula” will be featured.

TCM and Fathom teaming up with Regal, United Artists, Cinemark and AMC Theaters to bring all three films to over 700 screens.  Here is the schedule:

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho will screen nationally on Sunday, September 20 and Wednesday, September 23;
Dracula (1931)/Drácula (1931) double feature will screen nationally on Sunday, October 25 and Wednesday, October 28.
Obviously you’ll want to check you local theater listings to make sure it’s in you area but I’m betting there’s a good chance these will be playing somewhere close to you.
Poster Psycho