Since its inception in 2016, Bandit Motion Pictures has quickly established itself as unique and interesting entity in the realm of independent filmmaking.  Founded by Scott Schirmer and Brian K. Williams as a way to make their films on their terms, the company’s first two feature-lengths, Harvest Lake and Plank Face (both released in 2016), each made bold statements about their artistic path: declaring an unwillingness to bow to conventions and play it safe.  Their first release, Harvest Lake, is a genre-bending psychedelic sexual odyssey which sees a group of teenagers go away for a weekend rendezvous in the woods only to lose control of their inhibitions when confronted with a strange presence.  Plank Face continued to explore the theme of humanity giving in to is most primal animal urges – albeit in a more sinister manner – as it tells the story of a man who succumbs to his inner beast when he’s taken captive by a feral family.  Both films are bold, provocative and uncompromising, and while different in many ways, they are united through their use of prominent sexual themes.  Their newest film, Space Babes from Outer Space, looks set to continue exploring sexual subject matter – only this time it won’t be quite as disturbing.

Taking inspiration from lowbrow science fiction and the Golden Age of ‘80s sex comedies, Space Babes from Outer Space is all about bringing some heartfelt horniness back to cinema.  While sex comedies are renowned for their raunchiness, the ones which stand the test of time do so because, beneath the frolicking and fornication, there is genuine sentimentality.  Boobs, boners and bodily fluids are commonplace in a fair amount of these flicks, but sometimes, they are also evocative of being young, dumb, awkward and foolishly in love.  Sure, they’re rude, crude, politically incorrect and often gross – but the best ones are so much more than that.

Space Babes from Outer Space not only marks a return of celebratory racy humour reminiscent of those 1980s glory days – it also seeks to further establish Bandit Motion Pictures as a diverse commodity that refuses to be pigeon-holed.  Therefore, the idea of them branching out into new genre terrains is an exciting prospect if you’re a fan of their previous efforts.  That said, the film is also bound to gain them a legion of new fans as well, given the anticipation levels surrounding it.

Recently, Diabolique had the opportunity to interview director Brian K. Williams to discuss the film, embarrassing sex stories and future projects.

Diabolique: Space Babes from Outer Space seems to mark somewhat of a departure from the previous Bandit Motion output, which is quite dark and visceral.  What inspired you to make a sex comedy?

BKW: I grew up watching and loving the sex comedies of the ‘80s and have wanted to make one for quite some time.  I had the basic premise for Space Babes back when I was shooting my first feature, Time to Kill (2014), but didn’t feel like I had the experience, or money, or time to do it justice, so it was placed on the back burner for a couple years.  After the experience of working on Plank Face, which was so dark and disturbing, we felt it would be good to do something much lighter and more fun.  We would like to make all kinds of films and not be pigeon-holed as doing just one genre, so that was also part of the plan: to keep our fans guessing, and come out with something completely out of left field and much different than what they have seen from us so far.

Diabolique: Can you give us a rundown of what viewers can expect from the film?

BKW: Space Babes from Outer Space is really the story of Charlie – a virgin farmboy from earth – and Carrieola – a Space Babe from Titty City – and how they both are able to find love together, from completely different paths.  It’s a fish out of water story, with a lot of heart, and fun, sexy comedic moments.  There’s a lot of nudity, sight gags, and over the top silliness that is very reminiscent of the sex comedies of the 1980s – when things weren’t so P.C. and before sex comedies changed and relied more on gross-out humor and lost their heart.

Diabolique: In your opinion, what’s the definitive sex comedy?

BKW: I love so many sex comedies – it’s really my favorite genre – so it’s so hard for me to narrow it down to just one. But I personally love – and rewatch regularly – Better off Dead (1985), Screwballs (1983), Porky’s (1981), The First Turn-On!! (1983) and The Last American Virgin (1982).

Diabolique: Sex has played a big part in your last two movies, Harvest Lake and Plank Face, and with this one you seem to be continuing in that vein, albeit with a lighter approach.  What is it about the subject that fascinates you?

BKW: Sex is beautiful, disgusting, embracing, weird, full of love, hate, passion and desire. It happens every day, but we seldom talk about it. [Sex] can be used to instil fear, to relieve stress and it can consume our every thought.  It creates life and death and it’s just so damn interesting and diverse, I don’t know if I could ever fully do a film that didn’t use sex or sexuality to some varying degree, because of its power and wonder.

Diabolique: Sex comedies often depict characters doing whatever it takes to get laid.  What’s the furthest you’ve ever went for a good time?

BKW: Oh man.  Well one Halloween several year ago, Ellie [Church] and I were out at a bar, [and when] the bar closed, we met a friend who took us to a speak easy that was ran out of a Hookah bar after hours.  There were about 30 or so people there, the drinks were free and we were drinking them.  Ellie was dressed up as Richard Simmons, with tiny little red shorts and a big Afro wig and after enough drinks, I just couldn’t contain myself anymore.  So, we went into the one small bathroom together, and started going at it.  People were pounding on the door, it being the only bathroom in the place, and we just ignored them and kept going at it.

Towards the uh, “end” of it all, we accidentally knocked the sink off the wall, broke the drain and water started spraying out everywhere. By this point multiple people were now banging on the door, and water is now spraying all over us, and I can’t find the valve to shut the water off.  I try my best to prop the sink back up onto the wall and I snuck out as easily as I could, and told Ellie to come out a few minutes later, somehow thinking that would throw people off that we were in the single stall bathroom together.  A few minutes later we were cornered in the upstairs by the owner of the place, who demanded we pay him $500 immediately to pay for an emergency plumber repair or he was going to call the cops.  We were so scared and drunk it didn’t occur to us that a guy running a speak easy serving booze two hours after legal serving hours probably wasn’t in the best position to call the police on us, so we scraped our money together – which was somewhere around $200 total – and begged them to let us go.  They did, and now we have an expensive sex story that we still laugh about.

Diabolique: Even though the Bandit Motion films share similar themes, they’ve all been individually distinct.  Your decision to make a comedy doesn’t seem like an unexpected turn to be honest, as you’ve shown plenty of diversity already.  However, after this, would you like to continue to branch out and explore other genres? If so, do you have anything in mind?

BKW: Scott and I always say we want to make all of the movies.  The best thing about doing films the way we do, completely independent, is that within reason, we can do just that.   I’d love to make a coming-of-age film about a teenage runaway girl.  I would love to do a musical one day. I’d love to do a sword and sandals film and a women-in-prison film is high up on my list of something I’d love to do.  As long as our fan base continues to grow, hopefully we will continue to be able to do the films that we want.

Diabolique: Your crowdfunding campaign has smashed its goal so far and the buzz is very strong for the movie.  Now that the film will be arriving on a hype train, are you feeling nerves or excitement?

BKW: Super-duper nervous. The pressure is on! A lot of people believe in this film and the marketing we’ve put out. We have a group of producers that believed in us and made it possible for us to do it in the first place, and I don’t want to let them down.  The good news is the trailers and marketing are a very fair representation of what the final film will be like, so I feel very good about it all – and optimistic that the people that enjoy this type of film.  [Those who] grew up sneaking around late at night to watch films on USA Up All Night, like I did as a child, will really connect with the film and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.  Making your goal is great; people buying your film is great… But to me, it’s most important that people have a good time and truly enjoy the film.  I want to make people laugh.  I want them to remember back when times were different and the world was less stressful, and we were all a little younger.  I believe that Space Babes from Outer Space will do just that.

Diabolique: Aside from Space Babes, what other projects do you have coming up you can tell us about?

BKW: We have a script that Scott wrote called The Bad Man that we tried crowdfunding for last year unsuccessfully that we hope to make still this year. We also have another sex comedy script that I am writing that is in the works, and several other ideas that are still in the beginning stages of development.  What we are able to do next depends a lot on how the Space Babes campaign ends up, as each potential next film is of a varying scope, budget and size.  The good news is as long as our fanbase continues to grow and people continue supporting us, we will be able to continue to make films – hopefully for years to come.  I just got started in this whole filmmaking business a few short years ago and have only been doing it full time for a little over a year.  There are so many more films we want to make and the future looks exciting!

Space Babes from Outer Space is currently in the final stages of its crowd funding campaign.  You can find out more about it here.