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Interview: Dennis Iliadis on “+1”

Dennis Iliadis

There are various faces that the science fiction thriller film can wear, between the heavy-handed social or political allegories, genre-hybrid homage marathons and absolutely gonzo surrealism that have come out of Hollywood and Independent scenes time and time again. And ...

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“Conjuring” duo sign for sequel

The Conjuring

The Conjuring opened at the box office to a whopping $41.5 million, doubling it’s production cost and making up the marketing cost within its first 72 hours of release. Between the success of The Purge and World War Z, audiences ...

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Talking Terror: Joe DeRosa

Joe DeRosa

Horror. To some, the genre is that of cheap thrills, startles and nightmare fodder to allow entertainment to be entertaining without the need to turn on one’s brain. To others, Horror is a conduit that our deepest fears, anxieties and ...

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The Purge (Film Review)

The Purge

There are very few things that appear in genre films that are as frustrating, disappointing and outright enraging as wasted potential. When a scenario as high-concept yet formidably accessible is presented to the audience and then squandered goes beyond the material being ...

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