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Hazmat (Film Review)

Writer/Director Lou Simon’s film HazMat tells the story of a failing hidden-camera prank show called “Scary Antics,” where people put their friends in horror-film-styled situations before letting them in on the joke. Their latest episode is centered on Jacob (Norbert ...

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Final Exam (US Blu-ray Review)

In 1978, John Carpenter’s Halloween hit theatres, forever changing the landscape of horror cinema. Re-envisioning the role of the killer, Carpenter created an archetype that, for the most part, still resonates as loud as ever. Halloween’s impact can be seen ...

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The “dead teenagers” in obviously haven’t seen last year’s giddily inspired gem The Cabin in the Woods or any of the hundred “spam-in-a-cabin” slasher flicks since the 1970s and ’80s. However, the puppet master here, played by the handsomely ...

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