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JUG FACE WEEK: Sean Bridgers

Sean Bridgers

In horror filmmaking, there’s a sense of equality amongst actors that one doesn’t normally see in corroboration with other cinematic genres. Whereas drama, comedy and action have clear and mandated stars, aside from a scene-stealing cameo performance or breakthrough supporting ...

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JUG FACE WEEK: Chad Crawford Kinkle

Chad Crawford Kinkle (with Andrew van den Houten, l.)

Chad Crawford Kinkle’s debut feature Jug Face is an oddity in contemporary horror cinema; its unique premise – set in a bizarre religious community – distances it from its contemporaries much like the insular settlement depicted in the film is ...

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JUG FACE WEEK: Andrew van den Houten

Andrew van den Houten

The world of independent filmmaking is incredibly subjective to the minds of the horror community because the freedom that coincides with the do-it-yourself mechanisms is open for interpretation. Some filmmakers find independent filmmaking to be a cathartic experience in which ...

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