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Fantasia 2017: Replace (2017)

Palpable, alluring, and cringe-worthy were some of the words to describe the science fiction/horror film, Replace. Drawing from influences and homages including the seven deadly sins, Frankenstein (1797), and Alice in Wonderland (1865) placed against a canvas of futuristic body horror and ...

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Antibirth (Review)

Many horror films tend to be about more than is apparent on a surface level. Antibirth, the narrative feature debut of experimental video artist Danny Perez, is an addict’s drug-fuelled pregnancy through the prism of a psychedelic body-horror nightmare. It is ...

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Bite (Review)

Canadian director Chad Archibald has kept himself very busy, churning out two low-budget features in 2015 and showing no signs of stopping. The problems with Ejecta and The Drownsman were more at a script level than anything in the technical ...

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