Announced late on Halloween as a treat for fans of classic horror, the reigning champion of the giallo genre, Suspiria, will finally bow on Blu-ray in North America, courtesy of Synapse Films Inc. Aiming at an unspecified release date in 2014/2015, Suspiria is undergoing a brand new, full 2K restoration treatment, with Synapse utilizing both of Technicolor’s restoration facilities, and having Technicolor’s Director of Restoration Services, Tom Burton, oversee the transfer personally. Having been held back by various rights issues, leaving the film to have only been available in European markets on the High Definition format, Synapse’s announcement comes as a cause for great excitement among horror fans, especially those familiar with the work of Dario Argento.

The film, which follows a young woman as her new boarding academy reveals a sinister true intention, is considered a landmark of horror filmmaking, adding a bright, sensual color scheme and fantastical cinematography whilst never dialing back its dread-inspiring tension or jaw-dropping gore. The film is often considered to be one of Argento’s strongest works, alongside The Bird with The Crystal Plumage and Deep Red as the filmmakers finest. The film is also one of the most definitive within the giallo subgenre, one that has seen a miniature revival as of late thanks to the colorful films of Bruno Forzani and Helene Cattet. Most recently, the film was lined up for a remake courtesy of director David Gordon Green, yet became dormant mere weeks before shooting was scheduled to start due to budgetary issues.

The film seems perfect for the HD format, having previously been on the wishlist of many North American horror fans, who will no doubt anticipate great care be taken onto the iconic score by prog-rock masters Goblin. If Suspiria is a success on the new HD format, perhaps more of Argento’s imaginative and horrifying filmography will make its way to U.S. Blu-ray. No further details have been announced yet, but when they do, check back here to DiaboliqueMagazine.com for the latest.