516invr5kJL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Bizarro Fiction is a literary wacky wild child born out of several genres. It’s a form of writing that is best described as gonzo. There is over-the-top gore laced with giggles; horror and absurd hilarity exist side by side. A preposterous story line is mandatory. SuperGhost by Scott Cole exemplifies the loopy lunacy of Bizarro Fiction.

Cole’s 93-page novella is warped fun. A mad scientist gets a leg up on his latest experiment through amputees who experience phantom limb syndrome; the pain that persists after limb is removed. Armed with a gizmo that can harness the energy given off by the excised body parts, the madman creates a gigantic ambulatory mish-mash of dismembered members. Aesthetic assembly obviously isn’t a prime concern of the crazed scientist: “The second thing followed closely behind. It was a pair of larger-than- normal human legs, connected by what looked like a forearm across the top, like a ghostly, mobile Stonehenge with a floppy hand hanging over the top of one leg. It walked in like any normal pair of legs might, if legs could walk without a body.”

SuperGhost is part of the “New Bizarro Author Series” published by Eraserhead Press, an independent publisher of Bizarro fiction since 1999. The commendable goal of the series is to promote the work of new writers. Horror junkies who crave a quick fix reading experience akin to watching Re-Animator or Bruce Campbell in The Evil Dead movies, will likely enjoy Scott Cole’s foray into the bizarre and blissfully bonkers subgenre called Bizarro Fiction.