"Nevermore" Poster, via Alan Hynes

“Nevermore” Poster, via Alan Hynes

If you’re a fan of Edgar Allan Poe, then you’re probably a fan of Stuart Gordon’s Nevermore, a stage play depicting the last few days of the infamous Gothic writer’s life. The play stars Jeffrey Combs as the titular character and received acclaim from critics and audiences alike, and has recently been cited with a big screen adaptation in the works.  Gordon, director of the play, has made known via his twitter account that “[We’re] planning to make a movie of NEVERMORE. More details soon,” along with a gothic poster Poe himself would be proud of.

With the original director behind the reigns of the film and the original actor taking his stage persona to the camera, Nevermore is sure to turn some heads in this recent blow up of Poe-ology. With so many adaptations of the great American writer, including John Cusack in The Raven, Ben Chaplin in Twixt and Combs himself in Gordon’s Masters of Horror episode “The Black Cat”,  as well as his thematic presence in the hit Kevin Bacon-James Purefoy TV series The Following, this screen adaptation is sure to catch the eye of many fans of the writers work, as well as intrigued audience members alike.


Gordon has stated that ,“This is Poe in his own words. Our text is taken from his letters and essays and we have based our evening on reviews and reports of his actual appearances. Our goal is to present a sense of the fascinating man behind the poetry and brilliant tales, a man who could be his own worst enemy, and whose life was even more bizarre and tragic than his strangest story.”

Though no date has been branded to the film’s release poster, Gordon hit his fans with another quick little surprise by tweeting “playing soon at a theater near you!” Of course, we aren’t sure how soon but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all Nevermore news at DiaboliqueMagazine.com

– By Nick Wolf