Here’s a new wrinkle in The Walking Dead game plan.  Entertainment Weekly is reporting that AMC is producing a single episode “special” that will introduce a character who will join the cast of Fear The Walking Dead in Season Two.  The episode will unfold on an airplane and focus on the passengers as they battle a walker attack in flight.

The “special” will air online in segments that coincide with the airing of Season Six of The Walking Dead.  While this isn’t the first time AMC has attempted an online en-devour with the property, it is the first time that the online saga will directly tie in to on air episode.  It would open all kinds of interesting story blending possibilities would it not?

Will the fans embrace such a wrinkle?  The earlier ‘on line’ webisodes didn’t set the world on fire but they racked up enough views to make this idea an interesting one at least.  And, I kind of like the notion of the airplane idea.  No ones really nailed that one yet.

That is all that is known at the moment but things will fly fast as the fall premiere of The Walking Dead is only about a month off.  Fear The Walking Dead debuted HUGE and it will be interesting to see if fan involvement stays high.  Speaking of Fear The Walking Dead, you want a look at episode two?  Why not, right?

Yeah, got a feeling that Artie is kind of screwed.  Watch Sunday night at 9 PM and see for yourself and when more news drops about this “special” episode, I’ll shoot you an update.