Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines

Shooting has begun in British Columbia for a new FOX series, entitled Wayward Pines, notably being directed and executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan. Created by Chad Hodge (The Playboy Club) who will also be executive producing with Donald De Line (Pain & Gain), and Ashwin Rajan (After Earth), with Blake Crouch, who wrote the novels the series is based on, Pines will be the first venture into TV for Shyamalan and the rest of the creative team.

The show will follows a secret service agent, Ethan Burke, who travels to Wayward Pines, Idaho as he searches for two other federal agents that went missing in the town. Soon after his search begins, the agent discovers there is more to the town than it seems, and he may not make it out alive. Matt Dillion is set to star as Burke along with Carla Gugino (Sin City), Toby Jones (The Mist), Melissa Leo (The Fighter) and Shannyn Sossamon (The Day) attached as well.

Crouch has stated openly that David Lynch’s Twin Peaks was a major influence on him as a writer and on his Wayward Pines novels, which can be seen even in a brief description. This, however, is not necessarily a bad thing. The quirky but quaint small town drama had plenty of twists and turns to keep viewers hooked, especially with an equally divisive artist at the helm with David Lynch. Known for his love of plot twists, the set up also seems a natural to attract the attention of Shyamalan and his cohorts to get involved, although Shyamalan has been in desperate need of a career reinvention after the failure of After Earth. The only thing that may be cause for alarm is Wayward Pines seems to be heading in a much more serious direction than the tongue-in-cheek Twin Peaks did. While the 2010 video game Alan Wake proved that the supernatural small town concept can easily hold it’s own as a serious concept, it can still be dangerous territory when it will undoubtedly be compared to David Lynch’s series, whether it wants to or not.

Wayward Pines is now filming, and is set to premiere on FOX sometime in 2014. For more news on Shyamalan and Wayward Pines, check back here at DiaboliqueMagazine.com!

– By Matthew Delhauer