In the realm of indie horror there is no name bigger than that of Larry Fessenden.  I’ve known Fessenden primarily from his acting roles of late (You’re Next, We Are Still Here) but most know him from his time spent behind the camera and that is where Scream Factory will be concentrating their efforts.  They have announced ‘The Larry Fessenden Collection’ which will be making its way to fans this October.

Included in the set will be No Telling, Habit, Wendigo and The Last Winter – all horror tales of very different origins.  We don’t have any word on special features yet but the Scream Factory folks have promised a literal land slide of content and from what we’ve seen of their past releases – they tend to deliver the goods.

Artwork and the rest of the good stuff will be making its way to us soon and I’ll drop it in your lap just as soon as I see it.