Leave it to Scream Factory to make horror fans even more excited for the Halloween season.  The Blu-ray distributor announced via their Facebook page that this October will bring a trio of releases that will have genre fans anticipating the month even more than normal.  Here’s the info direct from the Scream Factory page:

You asked for them…and we got em! Both TALES FROM THE CRYPT films DEMON KNIGHT (1995) and BORDELLO OF BLOOD (1996) will be coming out on 10/20 as separate “Collector Edition” Blu-rays. We have no additional information at this time except that newly-commissioned artwork will be revealed next month and that extras will be announced in Late Summer.

The cat (crypt keeper?) was let out of the bag (coffin?) earlier today over a leak on the internet that caught us by surprise and hence the out-of-the-blue announce today.


Then, a few hours later those bad asses over at Scream Factory let lose with the following announcement.

Today will be one of the more memorable days in our brand’s history that’s for sure! If you’re still trying to catch your breath from our recent announcement of the upcoming Tales From the Crypt films, then steel yourself for the following…ARMY OF DARKNESS – the third film in the Evil Dead franchise, starring Bruce Campbell – is coming to Blu-ray “Scream Factory-style” in October! We will certainly aim to make it the most definitive version to own to date.

We know you’ll have lots of questions on this one but we have no concrete details to report at this moment other than that newly-commissioned artwork (yes, its a “Collector’s Edition”) and pre-order links will be up next month and a full list of extras and specs will appear in early Fall.