Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Sabotage"

Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Sabotage”

Bizarre news in the world of the walking undead: action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently joined the cast of the upcoming zombie tragedy Maggie, set to shoot in this fall. Written by John Scott 3, the script appeared on the prestigious 2011 Black List for most popular unproduced screenplay. Now with the former Governor of California officially attached as both producer and star, commercial director and visual effects artist Henry Hobson will be directing.

Maggie departs from traditional zombie fare as the move deals less with the apocalypse side of the zombie coin, and more with the infection. At its core, Maggie is less about zombies, and more about a girl who is coming to terms with her own death while her father witnesses her change into the undead. Thus far, the titular infected lead has not been cast, although Chloe Grace-Moretz was originally attached with Dead Man’s Shoes actor Paddy Considine to play her father. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Grace-Moretz will no longer be appearing, and the casting remains a mystery.

Whether or not Maggie becomes a strange parody of the sentimental, a la Jingle All the Way, truly remains to be seen, but with subject matter like this, it will be interesting to see whether or not Schwarzenegger can play the role of a father losing his daughter with convincing heartbreak, or if we will have to hope for at least one or two hundred action sequences to justify the ticket price. Either way, this is definitely a strange career move, as The Last Stand put doubt that post-politics Schwarzenegger can carry a film, a notion to be proven or disproven later this year as Schwarzenegger appears in Mikael Haafstrom’s Escape Plan with Sylvester Stallone, David Ayer’s Sabotage with Sam Worthington and has also signed to return to The Expendables, Conan and The Terminator franchises.

By Catherine Kovach