Every year, San Diego Comic Con houses some of the leading creative talents in the genre world; horror, sci-fi, and more. SDCC has become the source for some of the most exciting announcements that shake our world; and this year is no different. While no official announcement has been made in regards to the latter, word has come through from San Diego that Sam Raimi (Evil DeadSpider-Man, Drag Me to Hell), who was there to promote his upcoming adaptation of the 2013 horror-survival game hit “Last of Us,” discussed the possibility of a television series for Evil Dead. While Raimi discussed possible casting choices for “Last of Us,” and the fact that Evil Dead will involve Bruce Campbell and his brother, Ivan Raimi, little else has been announced. While it is still early and much can change, this is news that will excite the horror fans in all of us. What would you want to see in a Evil Dead show?