"The Green Inferno"

“The Green Inferno”

Eli Roth, contemporary master of the gore-horror flick, is already working on a sequel to his new cannibalism film, The Green Inferno. While Roth won’t be directing the sequel himself, as that privilege has been passed on to his Aftershock director Nicolas Lopezit is still unusual that a sequel is being greenlit so soon after a film’s completion, especially without guaranteed success. The Green Inferno only recently screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and was picked up by Open Road shortly after it’s debut, but has no set release date as of this writing. Roth will still stay on the sequel as an Executive Producer.

The Green Inferno carries forth the mantle of the infamous Cannibal Holocaust as well as Roth’s earlier films, like Hostel. His first directorial film since Hostel: Part 2 (despite directing the first episode of Hemlock Grove and faux films in Grindhouse and Inglorious Basterds), The Green Inferno features many of the same actors as Aftershock, although it is unknown whether they will survive to make it through to the sequel. The trend of body horror, of seeing the human form ripped, shredded, dismembered, and eviscerated, is on the rise, as seen in AMC’s The Walking Dead, and even the recent remake of Evil Dead even forsook the comedy angle in favor of heavy flesh rending. Roth’s sequel may do very well considering this rising trend, even if the cannibal subgenre has rarely performed outside of cult audiences.

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