"Poltergeist" lead Rosemarie DeWitt

“Poltergeist” lead Rosemarie DeWitt

To this day, Poltergeist is considered, by many, to be one of the most creative and groundbreaking horror films of all time. It also has one of the most enriching mythos around it when it comes to film curses. So let’s hope that the remake of the ‘80s horror film, slated for 2014, doesn’t follow in the exact same footsteps.

After the success of the Evil Dead remake, it’s no surprise Hollywood would try to capitalize on the thematic integrity with a remake of Poltergeist. Though not much information has been released on the pending horror remake, one little tidbit did find its way into the world of cinema. The horror bug must have bit Rosemarie DeWitt after seeing her husband, Ron Livingston, turn over a new leaf in his recent departure from the comic norm in James Wan’s, The Conjuring.  DeWitt has landed the female lead in the upcoming remake and is currently, the only actor to be credited to the cast.

After being rumored for the film for the past month, DeWitt must have finally decided to take the plunge and face the Poltergeist curse with her chin up. I’m sure we’ll soon see more actors appear from the nether realm to be tied in with the Poltergeist remake, as well as an eventual director for the project, but until then keep looking to DiaboliqueMagazine.com for all the news on this 2014 remake headed your way.

– By Nick Wolf