Antonio and Marco Manetti’s new horror/thriller, Paura 3D (2012), is one of the most nauseating and balefully grimy films I’ve seen in years. And that’s saying something.

The film centers on young mechanic Ale (Domenico Diele), who overhears a conversation between his boss and a rich client, the Marquis Lanzi (Pepe Servillo), who is leaving for a weekend in Switzerland.

Seeing the chance for an illicit party, the mischievous Ale and his friends Simone (Lorenzo Pedrotti) and Marco (Claudio Di Biagio) break into Lanzi’s remote mansion outside Rome, and take advantage of their absent host’s hospitality. At night, after raiding the kitchen, Ale and Marco fiddle with Lanzi’s home entertainment system, and Simone heads to the wine cellar for refreshments. Amongst the dusty bottles, he discovers a bolted door leaking strange and savage sounds. The Marquis Lanzi, it seems, already has some permanent guests. And, unfortunately for the young troublemakers, Lanzi’s car breaks down and the wealthy psychopath’s trip ends early. Things go downhill from there.

Everything about Paura, from the weak plot to the onslaught of gratuitous violence, is sickening. The story, it seems, is only there to connect the dots between a series of vile and humiliating acts. I’m left questioning the point. After a promising ‘beast in the cellar-esque’ opening sequence, the film soon becomes one elongated exercise in torture-porn making an invite to Paura’s illicit party one you’d be better passing on.

By Cleaver Patterson



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