Steve Barker’s zombie twist, Outpost: Black Sun (2012), is quite frankly boring. The film opens with the end of WW2, where a German scientist, Klausener (David Gant), has been secretly trying to create an army of undead Nazi soldiers. Fast forward to present day where an intrepid young investigator, Helena (Steadman), is searching for Klausener whom she believes is still alive.

In Eastern Europe Helena meets Wallace (Coyle), who has been on the trail of the Nazis for years. With the back-up of a Special Forces Unit, they cross into no-mans land and discover something more evil than even they imagined – an army of zombie Nazis bent on creating a 4th Reich to take over an unsuspecting world.

Ultimately, the living characters in Outpost: Black Sun are as lifeless as the zombies. The only bit of vague interest is the central control room from which the undead hokum radiates. Since this is the only effective part of the film, it may be time to let the sun set on this strange and trying faction of zombie horror.

By Cleaver Patterson

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