Hidden in the Woods (2012): one of the most grueling, unrelenting exercises in sickening violence you’re likely to see. Chilean writer / director Patricio Valladares reduces the “torture porn” sub-genre to new lows.

The film brings together Carolina Escobar and Siboney Lo as two sisters, Anny and Ana, who are abused and traumatized by their violent drug dealer father (Daniel Antivilo). Following the father’s imprisonment for brutally chopping up two police officers with a chainsaw, his drug boss Costello (François Soto) sends some heavies to find the drug stash Anny and Ana’s father has hidden in a cabin in the woods, where the girls and their brother are now hiding. The climatic showdown between the girls and Costello’s henchmen makes for a bloody night to “dismember” which you are unlikely to forget.

Frankly, this vile amalgamation of incest, rape, cannibalism and gratuitous nastiness should be forgotten. Gracing it with either the time to view or discuss it is tantamount to a seal of approval which it definitely does not deserve. In that regard, I’ve already gone too far.

By Cleaver Patterson

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