Nicholas Winding Refn

Nicholas Winding Refn

“Tour de force” may get thrown around the cinematic vernacular like it’s going out of style, but it fits the work of Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn quite succinctly. Earning critical acclaim for his bonkers, expressionistic Bronson and the stylish, lyrical Drive, the visionary Danish filmmaker has a lot on his plate, which gets more and more loaded by the day.

With his next film, the Ryan Gosling-starring Only God Forgives, slated for release on July 19th from Radius-TWC, Refn has kept himself busy with other prokects, now planning a sequel to his Viking film Valhalla Rising. Previously attached to The Equalizer and Bond 24, Refn will instead be re-teaming with original Valhalla Rising star Mads Mikkelsen (who can be seen playing Dr. Hannibal Lecter on NBC’s envelope-pushing series Hannibal) to go back to the roots of the Norse warrior, One-Eye. Refn teases that it will be set in the future and possibly in Tokyo, whereas the first took place in 1000 A.D. Considering Refn’s career progression, don’t be surprised if this entry proves to be twice as bloody and savagely violent as the first film.

Alternately, Refn also has an enigmatic horror film on the drawing board. While the script is still being written, the project, called I Walk with the Dead, is taking an all-female approach to the horror genre ala Suspiria and Drive star Carey Mulligan is already attached to the project. Expectations are high, but given Refn’s somewhat-spotless track record, he shouldn’t disappoint.

– By Jeremy Kibler

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