R.L. Stine revives Fear Street in response to nostalgic fans

R.L. Stine revives Fear Street in response to nostalgic fans

R.L. Stine burst onto the scene in the 90’s with Goosebumps, a lengthy series of children’s horror novels. Monsters and supernatural forces all permeated the pages, capturing the imagination of children; spawning a popular television series as well. Along with Goosebumps, Stine wrote the immensely popular teen horror series, Fear Street. Fans would eagerly wait to read how the teens of Shadyside High School were being tormented next. Selling more than 80 million copies, Fear Street’s fan base has been vocal about Stine reviving the series, since he stopped in the early 2000’s. Well now, you can rest easy Fear Street fans, because Stine announced a few weeks ago, that he is reviving the series for a three-book run starting in October 2014.

The recent resurgence in the horror genre can be attributed to shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, as well as social media. Stine has praised Twitter, stating:

“It’s a great way to keep in touch with my original readers, and ‘Fear Street’ was mentioned more than anything else. That’s what they read when they were kids. And I suppose we’re all nostalgic for what we read back then.”

The first book, Party Games set for an October 2014 release, follows Brendan Fear, a high school senior, who has his birthday party at his parent’s summer home on Fear Island. According to Stine, the books will be more “adult”, longer and more violent. Stine states, “For me, it’s thinking of new scares, plot twists and cliffhanger chapter endings I haven’t done before, moving into the modern world,”. He concludes by saying, “It will be a roller coaster ride of fearful surprises.”

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