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Phantasm: Ravager Gets A Release Date – At Last


Been waiting to report this news for a couple years now and when they spill the beans – they spill them all.  Hang on to your balls – here’s the update.

We’ve got a release date for Phantasm: Ravager – at long last.  The film will be hitting select theaters on Oct. 7th and for those of us that don’t live in a city large enough for that – it will hit digital HD that same day. Buckle in kids!

As if that news alone wasn’t enough to melt your brain – word also dropped that the J.J. Abrams helmed 4K restoration of the classic original – now going by the moniker Phantasm: Remastered will be hitting theaters as well on Sept. 24th.  Well Go USA Entertainment is handling the release and they do not mention what kind of release the restoration will be getting but let’s hope it plays in a town close to you – how cool will it be to see the original all shined up and pretty.


You think that would be enough Phantasm news but….you would be wrong.

Well Go USA also announced that both Phantasm III and Phantasm IV will hit cable and digital platforms on  Oct. 7th (the same days as Ravager – remember?)  as well so if you need to get yourself up to speed a bit before you get Ravaged – you can.

To top it all off – individual Blu-ray releases, as well as a box set of all the coolness, should be expected later in the fall.

Whew! – that’s a lot of Phantasm but there is no such thing as too much Phantasm so – it’s all good!



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