"World War Z"

“World War Z”

After the late June release of World War Z, the big budget, Brad Pitt-starring zombie epic has grossed over $470 million globally at the box office before receiving a limited IMAX 3D reprisal last weekend. On September 17th, the film will hopefully unleash more blood on its recently announced unrated Blu-ray / DVD, although signs point to the release not carrying the original Russia-set ending that was scrapped from the final cutof this notoriously troubled production. However, in the wake of the recent announcement of a bloodier, more terrifying cut, Paramount has revealed the behind-the-scenes extras, bonus features and cover art for the impending Blu-ray/DVD.The Blu-ray/DVD combo pack includes:
“Origins” — The filmmakers discuss collaborating with renowned actor/producer Brad Pitt to create a zombie film the likes of which have never been seen.
“Looking to Science” — Explore the scientific realities of zombie behavior in nature and learn more about zombies in literature and film.
“Outbreak” — Go on set with Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster for a behind-the-scenes look at the film’s breathtaking first attack in Philadelphia.
“The Journey Begins” — Delve deeper into Gerry’s fight for survival during the dramatic escape in South Korea.
“Behind the Wall” — Explore the epic scene in Jerusalem and discover the incredible logistics of creating the elaborate stunts and crowd sequences.
“Camouflage” — Experience the final confrontation between Gerry and the zombies and discover the phenomenal scope of the film’s production.

If you missed World War Z this summer, do you plan on picking up your living-room copy this fall? Does the addition of extra violence and gore entice hardcore horror and zombie fans, who may have been hesitant to indulge in PG-13 voyages into zombie territory? If this set sells well, will the sequel embrace an R-rating and further break genre barriers? Let us know below and for more on World War Z, check back here at DiaboliqueMagazine.com!

– By Jeremy Kibler
Jeremy Kibler is a freelance writer who never stops watching movies and writing about them. An alumnus of Pennsylvania State University, he has been a fan of the horror genre since he was a kid, renting every Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street from the video store. For more of Jeremy’s reviews, go to https://kibsreviews.blogspot.com/ or follow him on Twitter @jeremykibler25.