This is one of those projects that I feel like I’ve been reporting on forever. The documentary Unearthed and Untold: The Path To Pet Sematary is finally about to make its way to the fans.  Directors Justin White and John Campopiano dedicated a huge chunk of their lives bringing this project together and I am more than thrilled to tell you that all that work has finally paid off.

A trailer is ready for your gaze but before that – lets run down what this flick is all about.

In Unearthed and Untold we learn: the origins of Stephen King’s bestselling horror novel, PET SEMATARY, as well as the subsequent film based on his novel. Through extensive interviews this documentary showcases the stories of many cast and crew and highlights how the local communities in Maine played an invaluable role in making the film. In addition to first-time interviews by cast and crew members and never-before-seen video footage from the sets in Maine, this documentary will also take you on an extensive tour of the filming locations from the film – emphasizing the true local flavor and influence of Maine on this timeless horror film.

Terror Films is handling the release and the big roll out is coming this October but they have a special deal for those that don’t want to wait till the haunt season.  They’ve come up with a special package deal.  You’re going to want to check this out!

If you head over the the Terror Films Store from now till May 18th you can purchase the following package deal and it’s packed with some pretty kick ass goodies:

A Limited Edition Region Free DVD / Blu-ray Documentary Combo with Bonus Features

– A 27″ x 39″ print of the Official Documentary Poster

– A Custom Unearthed & Untold 100% Cotton T-Shirt

– Complimentary Terror Films Stickers

You get all that for $39.99.  The only catch is that they must receive 1000 orders by May 18th or the discs will not print.  Good news is  – if they don’t make that number, everyone gets their money back so, go order a handful for your family and friends and lets make this happen.

Here’s that trailer I was yapping about:

Kind of digging the throw back, big box VHS poster.