After six forays into the series himself, the godfather to the dead, George A. Romero is finally ready to pass the torch. And, who is the lucky person waiting on the receiving end? His son, Cameron. With the official announcement of Origins, Cameron is set to create a prequel to the original Night of the Living Dead, which begs a great deal of questions. First off, if you are like me, part of the allure of Romero’s films are the fact that they begin amidst terror, that they do not waste time discussing how such an action may come about. How will Cameron manage to capture this essence while creating a work that is also his own? Will the deliverance of an origin help to propel the series into new territories. Further, does an origin take away some of the allure of the series itself? These question can only be answered by seeing the film itself, and rather than be pessimistic, we here at Diabolique look forward to the prospect of a fresh take on the series.

Begin Press Releasse:

Set in the Vietnam-era, the film is a reimagining of the origin of the zombie story
Los Angeles, CA (January 26, 2015)— Radar Pictures announced today that they are now on board to produce writer-director Cameron Romero’s ORIGINS. The film’s story is by Romero, who will also direct, with a screenplay by Romero, Darrin Reed and Bryce C. Campbell. Radar’s Ted Field (AMITYVILLE HORROR, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) is set to produce the high-octane genre film along with Aldo LaPietra, Bryce C. Campbell, Darrin Reed, and Romero. Executive producing for Radar is Mike Weber and Thomas van Dell. The project, which is currently out to cast, was brought into Radar by LaPietra. ORIGINS is scheduled for production later this year.
At the height of the Cold War when the world held its breath and America was at war with itself, one scientist tried to give the world its best hope for survival. Instead, he unleashed its worst nightmare.
“I have been a longtime fan of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. I have tremendous belief in Cameron,” said Field. 
“ORIGINS is a great opportunity for me to continue the family tradition of creating haunting and ever-evolving depictions of the undead, and a great opportunity for Romero fans to see a story of zombie inception never portrayed before,” said Romero.
Currently, Reed has LILA & EVE world premiering at Sundance this year on Friday, January 30th. The film has an all-star cast, which includes Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis.
This marks another return to the horror genre for Radar, who had great success with the TEXAS CHAINSAW and AMITYVILE HORROR reboots and is currently in post on UNDER THE BED from BLAIR WITCH director Dan Myrick.