Godzilla Poster

With the 60th anniversary quickly approaching, Rialto Pictures has announced they will be releasing a restored and uncut version of Honda Ishirô’s 1954 movie Godzilla. Rialto will debut Godzilla: The Japanese Original at the TCM Classic Film Festival on April 12th, with the film screening around America.

“The original GODZILLA holds up as one of the greatest science fiction/monster films ever made, boasting still-impressive special effects, as the radiation-breathing prehistoric monster, awakened after millennia by Hydrogen Bomb testing – and impervious to repeated shelling by the Japanese army – wreaks destruction on Tokyo.”

Way back in 1956, the original film was reedited and redubbed for American audiences, with Raymond Burr as the protagonist in the film titled Godzilla: King Of Monsters. Rialto promises that Godzilla: The Japanese Original will be the complete and uncut Japanese version. The film will be screening in the following cities across the US:

For more information, visit the Rialto Pictures website: https://www.rialtopictures.com/godzilla.html