Other than the schlocky but fun 2002 horror film by Eli Roth, cabin fever is best known as a “type of hysteria brought on by spending too much time indoors.” Along with seasonal depression, cabin fever is a feeling that many of us experience during those long, lonely, and frigid winter nights. Granted, 2015-16 has not been the coldest of winters, but Nitehawk is still kicking off an excellent series this month in order to get New Yorkers out of their cramped apartments and into the theaters; and what better way than offering a selection of some of cinema’s best pent-up, claustrophobic thrillers.

Tonight, Nitehawk continues their opening weekend with the Coen brothers’ 1996 quiet masterpiece, Fargo. An excellent start to the series, Fargo, with absolute certainty, depicts the scenic experience of winter; with snowy expanses and the threat of violence on the brink of exploding. Fargo is also, perhaps, the black sheep of the series, the only film that isn’t classifiable as a horror film and hardly a thriller. Rather, Fargo is the quintessential Coen film: a perfect blend of serious and comedic filmmaking where causality is result of accident more than intention, all the while ramping up to one hell of an unfortunate climax.


The series continues next week and goes throughout the month featuring films like Rob Reiner’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Misery (February 12-13) — one of King’s favorite adaptations of his own work — , John Carpenter’s brilliant psychological science fiction-horror masterwork The Thing (February 19-20), and closing with a Nitehawk favorite and mainstay, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (February 26-27) —  perhaps the greatest of all ‘cabin fever’ films. Tallying it up, that’s four films by arguably five of America’s most influential auteurs — ok, Reiner may be a stretch but his contributions are undeniable —, featuring two Stephen King adaptations; all resulting in one hell of a curated selection from the always reliable Nitehawk Cinema.

If these films don’t do it for you — a hard to imagine thought —, Nitehawk has selected a wealth of alternative options to choose from including (and quite fittingly in relation to The Thing), screenings of The Hateful Eight and a special engagement screening of Blood Diner (final screening tonight), in addition to their solid selection of indie film’s best new titles. So New Yorkers have nothing to complain about this February, get out of your house and into the theaters, you deserve it.

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