Fans of Revenge-Thrillers will want to pay attention to Wronged, the new project of the up-and-coming, Michigan-based director Nicholas Holland. Following his feature debut, his take on the werewolf-horror subgenre Hunger Unholy, Holland has now set his sights on another beloved genre for fans of midnight cinema. According to the filmmaker, “the film will be centered on a grieving family who follows a path of retribution after surviving a deadly attack at the hands of criminals through the torture and execution of their child’s murderers, a path so savage that the lines between good and evil will severely blur before their desire for justice is sated.” Wronged, described as an “ultra violent revenge thriller,” will be directed by Holland and produced by his team at Diamond Dead Media who brought his first film Hunger Unholy together. Principal photography begins in October and will include “some fresh faces to genre as well as a few ‘genre veterans'” who have, thus far, yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more information as the project unfolds.

You can follow the project on Facebook or heading over to their website.