Been an interesting week for information on the upcoming Blu-ray release of the often overlooked Wes Craven film The Serpent and The Rainbow.  First came the news that the release was going to be pushed back, early 2016 to be exact and obviously – that was not welcome news but they lessened the blow by giving us an advance look at the brand new key art that is going to be featured on the cover and it’s pretty damn sweet I must say.


A far cry from the iconic poster art that everyone associates with the film but it’s a damn fine piece of work and it comes to us from artist Joel Robinson.

No word on special features as of yet but apparently it is those special features that are responsible for push back on the release date.  Scream Factory relates the following explanation as the cause of the delay – “We are accommodating important talent we have approached for bonus materials. We certainly want to make this the best package ever!” Do what you have to do Scream Factory, we’ll be here waiting.  Updates as they show up.