New Godzilla Trailer Released

With only a few months left before it steps all over box offices, skyscrapers, and public transit systems, a new trailer for the second Godzilla remake has made its way out into the public. More monster and effect reveals this time around help get viewers ready for how epic of a scale both the monster and film plan to be.

Bryan Cranston crying fowl of government, or military, cover-ups and some of Ken Watanabe giving background to the monster (and waxing philosophical at the same time) is the most we get about the characters we are meant to follow through the film. However, this is seems a much better approach to advertising the film than most other films these days have. It seems to be common practice for major Hollywood releases to have trailers that spell out the first two acts of the movie for the audience, and leaving nothing to chance or surprise. Hell, movies are even giving away major plot points and twists recently (*cough* Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit *cough*)

The only things that feel forced include the shot of the battle damaged Statue of Liberty replica in Las Vegas pulling on memories of Cloverfield, and the fact that Hollywood has beaten the deep BWAAAAAAAAM stringer to death (Note: If you don’t believe me, click here.)

Godzilla rises on May 16. Check out the trailer below.

Godzilla Poster 2014