Believed to be lost for years, Jose Larraz’s eerie psychological horror film Symptoms has found its way to Blu-ray in the US courtesy of the great Mondo Macabro. The film follows the strange and possibly disturbed Helen (Angela Pleasence), who invites her friend Anne (Lorna Heilbron) to come and stay at Helen’s manor house in the country. In addition to intrusions from the creepy groundskeeper (Peter Vaughn) and Helen’s nighttime wanderings, Anne discovers that the house has a dark secret.

The two-disc, limited edition release of the film includes a restored print of the film (as a result of a partnership with the BFI), as well as a wealth of special features: On Vampyres and Other Symptoms (2011), a documentary on Larraz; From Barcelona to Tunbridge Wells (1999), a TV documentary on the director; new interviews with cast and crew; a bonus disc with a two-hour long interview, “Larraz on Larraz,” from archival material; and a liner essay from yours truly. Sign up for Diabolique’s mailing list by June 10 and you’ll be automatically entered to win a copy of your own!