Mondo Macabro has a long and well documented history of bringing cinema fans amazing releases of films that most figured they would never see in a high def format.  They are continuing that tradition with the announcement of their release of the 1975 Miklos Jancso film Private Vices Public Virtues.

From the press release:

“The story is based on the famous Mayerling incident where Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria was found dead beside his 17 year old lover in an apparent joint suicide. However as with his earlier productions, the director only used history as a jumping off point. The film is pure Jancso. The long tracking shots are there, the horses are there, the naked bodies are there, as are the snatches of folk music and group singing.

The main difference between this film and his more acclaimed earlier works is that it features a host of increasingly bizarre sexual incidents. When it screened as an official entry in the 1976 Cannes Festival and viewers caught on to some of the shocking things that it contained … well, let’s just say that it caused a scandal and in some ways Jancso’s reputation never recovered. Like Borowczyk before him, he was almost written off as a one time great film maker who had strayed too far into porn and lost his artistic mojo.

In fact PRIVATE VICES PUBLIC VIRTUES now plays like an overlooked masterpiece. There really is nothing like it in world cinema. The controversy long behind us, we can see that this is one of those rare erotic productions where the point of the film lies in its excess. There’s nothing gratuitous about it. Known in Germany as THE BIG ORGY (Die Grosse Orgie), this amazing piece of subversive 70s cinema has never been well treated on home video – pirated, cut and generally not given the respect it deserves. This new release from Mondo Macabro, a world Blu-ray exclusive taken from the original negative, will bring this forgotten classic of world cinema back into the spotlight. It’s a film that once seen cannot be forgotten, and it deserves a place in the home of all adventurous film lovers.”

A trailer has been put together to herald the upcoming release.  Push play and relish in the oddness.  It’s most definitely NSFW so proceed with that knowledge in tow.

PRIVATE VICES, PUBLIC VIRTUES – uncensored trailer from Mondo Macabro on Vimeo.

What we don’t yet have is a release date or any special features information but fear not – that shall all be forthcoming soon enough.  For now – rest easy knowing that this one is on the way and it’s going to be must own disc when it gets here.