The long rumored “next chapter” in the beloved Halloween franchise appears to be becoming a reality as Dimension Films and Trancas International have announced they are beginning production on Halloween Returns and they have chosen the man who will sit in the directors chair – Marcus Dunstan.

Halloween Returns has been penned by Mr. Dunstan along with Patrick Melton.  Marcus and Patrick have written a number of films popular amongst horror fans and personally, I feel this is the duo who can perhaps breathe some new life into Mr. Myers.

Word is also flying around tonight (unconfirmed mind you) that Halloween Returns will pick up after the events of the original Halloween II basically resetting the storyline and allowing us all to forget some of the craziness that recent films had set in motion.

Unconfirmed reports have one of Halloween II’s original characters returning and will tell “the tale of an 18 year-old child of a cop, whose parent is obsessed with the Myers case. As Myers is set to be executed, the shape escapes and stalks once again. Who is this cop, and what connection to the series does he bear?”

I’ll stop the speculation here but as far as I’m concerned – this is all good.

Now that the news is out – more will come fast.