"Came Back Haunted"

“Came Back Haunted”

The story broke a little over a week ago that “Came Back Haunted”, the new single from Nine Inch Nail’s return album, Hesitation Marks, would be getting a music video directed by the legendary David Lynch. The video has now made its way online, and has been received warmly by Lynch and Reznor fan’s alike.

To describe what happens in the video would not serve readers or the videos since Lynch’s work tends to be a form that is more about what the audience experiences from his product instead of what is actually seen. With a brief warning about the possibility of triggering photosensitive epilepsy, the video dives into a four-minute fever dream. Subliminal flashes of wunderkammer imagery and visual effects that one’s mind can potentially construct as off-putting nonsense. The video is one that an average viewer, unfamiliar with the work of David Lynch will walk away from wondering, “What did I even just watch?” In classic Lynch form, Lynch has not set out to tell a story as much as create an atmosphere a story can be made from.

Reznor and Lynch on the set of "Came Back Haunted"

Reznor and Lynch on the set of “Came Back Haunted”

In a fascinating coincidence, “Came Back Haunted” is further in line with Lynch’s work of old as is Reznor’s music in the video. Reznor’s synth heavy composition is akin to his pre-Downward Spiral work, somewhat jarring to the generation of fans who grew up loving his further delving into hard rock territory with With Teeth, Year Zero and The Slip. And although it’s been previously reported that Lynch is hesitant to return to the world of feature film direction, fans can see that the director still has it in his to make transgressive, shocking work.

Check the video out below, or on YouTube. Hesitation Marks, which runs at just shy of 62 minutes, will be available September 3rd, with “Came Back Haunted” already available on iTunes, Amazon and most other digital marketplaces. For more information on Lynch and NIN, keep an eye on DiaboliqueMagazine.com!


By Matthew Delhauer

Matt Delhauer is a graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey, with a degree in communications and digital filmmaking. As an avid fan of horror films since childhood, Matt has had years of exposure to the best, worst, and many in between. Outside of film Matt also holds knowledge in several fields of media and entertainment, from literature to television, which are all met with an eye for analysis and a love of entertainment. For more of Matt’s work take a look at his blog at www.gingergeekblogs.blogspot.com or follow him on twitter: @MattDelhauer