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​Episode 2: LUST FOR A FEMALE VAMPIRE LOVER: The Evolution of Lesbian Vampires in Cinema, Part: 2

In the second episode of Daughters of Darkness, Kat and Samm continue their three-part discussion of lesbian vampire films, this time with a focus on European cult directors like Jess Franco, Jean Rollin, and Walerian Borowczyk. They begin their discussion with the career of the prolific Jess Franco, who produced a number of films with lesbian vampire themes, namely Vampyros Lesbos (1971). This starred his first muse, Soledad Miranda, as the mysterious Countess Carody, who sunbathes by day but thirsts for blood at night. Franco also adapted Bram Stoker’s novel with the relatively traditional Count Dracula (1970), but continued to explore his own perverse variations on vampire mythology in Dracula’s Daughter (1972) and the explicit Female Vampire (1975), with his longtime partner Lina Romay.

Also explored is the work of French director Jean Rollin, known for his dreamlike, often surreal vampire films such as The Rape of the Vampire (1968), The Nude Vampire (1970), The Shiver of the Vampires (1971), and Requiem for a Vampire (1973). While these films infrequently use overt depictions of lesbianism, they are generally concerned with pairs or groups of female vampires banded together against the world. In films like Fascination (1979), about blood-drinking socialites, and The Living Dead Girl (1982), the tragic tale of a love that survives beyond death, Rollin expanded on his early themes.

The episode concludes with a discussion of a few films that touch upon the legend of historical murderer and alleged blood-drinker Elizabeth Bathory. Most importantly is Belgian film Daughters of Darkness (1971), the podcast’s namesake, which follows a newly married couple who encounter an elegant and possibly ageless woman at a seaside hotel.

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  1. Hi Kat and Sam, I have just listened to the first and second parts of your podcast about lust for a female vampire lover and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed them they were both informative and amusing and I also liked listening to the clips taken from the films you were discussing so I look forward to listening to the third part of this podcast, I have only just discovered your podcasts so I thought I would start from the beginning and work my way through them all. Just to tell you a little bit about myself I have been watching horror films for about 40 years and my first introduction to horror was watching a double bill on BBC 2 late on a Saturday night in the late seventies the films were Roman Polanski’s Dance of the Vampires followed by Night of the Demon and I was hooked on horror films after seeing them, I have collected all sorts of horror films over the years but more recently have been interested in the Italian ones that have been released on Blue Ray from the likes of Arrow, 88 Films and Shameless from directors like Bava, Argento, Fulci just to name a few, I listened to your joint commentary on All the colours of the dark which was enjoyable its nice to hear female commentaries for a change rather than male all the time and I agree that has one of the nicest theme tunes in that film, the music is so good in Italian films from the likes of Morricone and Bruno Nicoli I found myself humming the theme tune to night of the glass dolls whilst doing my shopping in Aldi, and the lighting that what used is so striking especially in Mario Bava Films and also the colourful lampshades and eye catching wallpaper that appear in these Italian films, I recently read the article that Kat wrote about on Jean Rollin in the Jan 2019 issue of Scream magazine which was interesting would be nice to see some of his films released on Blue Ray, I don’t know if any of you could tell me if Lizard in a women’s skin will be released on blue or Castle of blood starring Barbara Steele because I always hear positive comments about these films whenever they are mentioned.
    Anyway I will leave it there for now Kat and Sam but am looking forward to listening to all of these podcasts and any other future commentaries that you are about to do or any that I might of missed.

    Kind Regards
    Lee Marshall

    • Hey Lee, I am so sorry but I only just caught your message! Thank you so much for the feedback, I am so glad to hear you are enjoying the episodes, and our work in general! Lizard in a Woman’s Skin has been released on Blu in the US via Mondo Macabro (I don’t know if it is region free), but not UK yet unfortunately.

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