Daughters of Darkness Book


Director: Lee Yong-min
Producer: Ju Dong-jin
Writer: Heo Seung-jip
Cinematographer: Jaong Wun-kyo
Cast: Yoon Yang-ha, Jang Geon, and Ha Ok-hwa

The final horror film of Lee Yong-min and, surprise-surprise, it’s lost. A somewhat cruel irony in itself: Yong-min’s first horror film A Flower of Evil is said to be long gone, a few of his later horror films have managed to be rescued by the KOFA, and his last film Black Ghost is MIA. All that exists is this lovely Korean theatrical poster and approximately 99 black-and-white still photos, which can be viewed at the Korean Movie Database. The plot description for Black Ghost reveals the story is about a vengeance-seeking woman, in the form of a ghost-cat, exacting revenge against her husband, his mother, his new wife and their children. Sound familiar? Judging from the various scenes present in the still photos, and their similarities to scenes in A Bloodthirsty Killer, it’s very possible this film was a remake, though the script for this version is not credited to Yong-min, but to Heo Seung-jip, who wrote A Dangerous Husband (1970) previously for Yong-min. If Black Ghost is Yong-min’s own re-working of A Bloodthirsty Killer, than it either shows he found the original material worthy of being told again or that there was room for improvement (in the still photos, the husband haunted by his dead wife is portrayed by a younger man as opposed to a middle-aged man in the original). But, once again, it’s hard to determine if Black Ghost was a success or not, and why this ended up being Yong-min’s final directorial outing. As a side note, years after Yong-min’s death, it would seem that A Bloodthirsty Killer was re-made yet again, this time by Kim Yeong-han as The Headless Murderess (1985; Mog-eobsneun yeosal-inma), certainly indicating Yong-min’s story had plenty of legs to be re-interpreted in numerous adaptations.

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