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Director: Lee Yong-min
Producer: Ju Dong-ji
Writer: Heo Seung-ji
Planner: Yan Bong-seok and Choe Chun-ji
Cinematographer: Jaong Wun-kyo
Music: Jeong Jong-kun
Cast: Nam Jeong-im, Hwang Jung-seun, and Dok Go-sung

Lee Yong-min does Alfred Hitchcock territory, well, maybe, with the melodramatic thriller A Dangerous Husband, which is sadly, apart from the original theatrical poster, is also completely lost. The plot involves a blackmailer who kills his father-in-law and his own wife, so he can inherit the family fortune, as well as, the father-in-law’s hospital. However, the hospital manager is on to the whole scheme and has plans of his own. It’s a shame that A Dangerous Husband has yet to surface, as the idea of Yong-min doing a murder-mystery, in the vein of Hitchcock, would be intriguing to see.

Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years

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